Apple trees and honey bees

Apple trees and honey bees

The Quote is very powerful “even if i knew that tommrow the world would go to pieces i would still plant my apple tree- Martin Luther It makes us wonder how we ourselves view how life effects us and what we would hold on to if we knew tommorow would never come and today was our last day! What would we do? is this a thought that ever crossed your mind or do we always assume we will be here forever until its too late to give anything a section thought? I would give the world my 110% if i knew it was the last day it wouldnt matter because my intergriuty and personality would want to make sure i lived life to the fullest and did all i could to make the world a beautiful place for even just a minute it would all be worth it!
Some may think that i would be completely nuts and i should take my money and spend every penny on whatever i desired because the saying would be so “you can not take it with you” while this is true it is also the same thing on the material items you would purchase or what have you! It is one of those half full half empty sistuations.
although everyone has a right to have their own opinion but it is something we should and could ponder in our thoughts every so often! Will our thoughts be consistant?

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Holiday Splendor

As we approach the busy holiday season we ask ourselves what exactly are we in such a panic mode for and what are we doing this for? What are we spending countless pennies for and why is it so important to make this a memorable occasion for family friend and children! i myself have a strong opinion on why and I am a proud Christian and we celebrate Jesus’ birthday! our celebration is to reflect him and him only! but how often do we take the time to realise and think this through? I am going to venture a guess to nil! We are to busy trying to outdo our neighbour and get the most expensive gift we can imagine not realising that’s not the recipe for holiday cheer and it is actually love, and good will towards men is what creates the joyfulness that fills our heart and soul!
I have learned a very hard lesson this year, this is a life lesson in my eyes and it is going to create a better person in myself and hopefully set a better example!
This is the first year, due to financial difficulties we have decided it would be best not to do the gift exchange with each other and just concentrate on the kids and family time to make our christmas, and something happened that i did not expect or could have imagined and i am thankful each and every day that God showed me something very important!
I have spent years trying to get in the christmas cheer and trying to be in the mood and this year concentrating on the real reason why we celebrate christmas and its true meaning i have more joy, cheer and love that i can handle! I can just shout with joy how i feel! because i cant describe it and only a person who took the time to experience this would know what im talking about!
i am happy, content and just wanting to make memories and embrace what God has given us! I want to go to church services, read the christmas stories in the bible and thank God for Jesus’ and wish our savior a very happy birthday!
Even if one is not what some people would call “religious” it doesnt mean you can’t get in the christmas spirit like i have! it just means you need to approach it a little differently! try good deeds, random drop off of bake goods, a hello, a listening ear or smile when it could cheer someone up! volunteer, donate, or just tell yourself your going to try to be a better person and do something to make that happen! make a plan and stick to it!
this world can be a very mean and nasty place, but we don’t need to be a stastic that makes it so!
It takes one to make a difference and set an example! so ask yourself..what am i going to do?

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Live likes there’s no midnight-Cinderella

‘LIVE LIKE THERE’S NO MIDNIGHT” – CINDERELLAThis is quite the statement and i think this could definantly mean alot more then a black and white opinion!

If we in life did not have any deadlines and we could live life as carefree as we wanted, how would we live it different then we do already? I agree that boundaries are needed and are in place for a reason but also, stepping outside of the box for just a split second, even though it can be the scariest second of one’s life can also be one of the most rewarding, adrelene filled second ever!

We could learn alot from this statement and also view our own lives in a much different way! We should try new things, live better lives, be better people and see what is acceptable in our walls we have built of safety or push ourselves a little further out of our comfort zones!

Some of the best oppourtinities and experiences were done because we stepped outside of our comfort zone and started living a little like there was no midnight!

Now im not saying lets skydive off the eifle tower or jump the nearest bridge! but lets embrace the life that was given to us and make the most of it!  Sometimes being comfortable dosent always mean living a good life!

I have always in the past was quiet and lived a life of not rocking the boat and always being safe about everything and when i learned to push myself just a little further and still continue to do so my life is much different and much more fufilling!

So go out there and see where the world leads you!Cheers~

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